April 2016 Updates

Still need to buy / sell some camp cards? Let me know.

Still haven’t turned in those that you received from the pack? Please do so ASAP.

Cub Scout Day Camp June 6-10 – Deadline to turn in your forms is today.  If you still plan to attend camp but have not gotten your forms in yet, please email or text Angie Markwald at 661-917-7082 or angie.markwald@gmail.com so you can make arrangements.  Camp forms can be found at http://silvercometdistrictbsa.org/node/1039.

Snooze at the Zoo April 23 (Chattanooga)

If you haven’t already RSVP’d, please do so this week http://www.evite.com/event/02ABUNBEEQQTCUEWMEPF2TQYEHKSOA?gid=03BE7OANJXZV2MTGGEPF2TRXFI7DQU

Cost is $37 per person/child.  Please plan to bring a check or cash on the 23rd.  The pack has to make one payment to the Zoo for our group. Items to bring on this adventure include:


        Sleeping bag


        Personal items (toothbrush, etc.)

        Jacket/sweatshirt (we will be outside a lot but sleeping facility is indoors)

        Headlamp or flashlight

        Snacks (pizza dinner on Sat and light breakfast Sunday will be provided)


Crossover CeremonyFriday, May 13th (early evening- exact time TBD) at the Scout Hut.  The boys will get to cross the rope bridge and get their bear rank.  This is a great photo opportunity!