Welcome Back Cobb Families

Welcome back Pack families.

We are happy to announce that we have once again secured the use of the Scout Hut at Due West Methodist for the school year for 99% of the Cub Scout functions. What an honor it is to have access to such a piece of local history and one of the only remaining scout huts in the area. Thanks DWUMC for the continued support.

It’s recruiting season for Cubscouts and we NEED YOUR HELP. We are a small but mighty little pack but need to ensure we can continue with the 50+ year heritage that exists here at pack 540. If you sons / daughters have 1-5 grade friends that would like to join us please send them our way. Are you a current scout at Pack 540? We will take 10% of your annual dues for each scout you bring our way! Bring 10 and your scout year is 100% paid AND we will pay for your 2018 summer camp!!

We can be contacted at pack540.duewest@gmail.com and found on the web here at duewestcubscouts.com or pack540.net!

Check back soon for many more updates and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!
Best wishes for a GREAT school year. Welcome back.

Cubmaster Chris and the Pack 540 Committee.

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