Gearing back up

Scouting families, we will have our first meetings of the new school year this week. The Weblos II den is meeting at 6:30 on Tuesday night (Aug. 8th) at the Scout Hut (please check back here before the meeting tomorrow, as location may change due to weather and attendance #s).

We are also hosting a new scout event that night as well as a new parent informational meeting. If you have neighbors or others that may be interested, please send them our way. 6:30PM at the same location.

The Wolf Den is planning to have it’s first meeting on August 17th at the Scout Hut as well.

If you have any questions or friends you would like to send our way, please send a note to


Cubmaster Chris

2 thoughts on “Gearing back up

  1. We are interested in transferring to your pack. My son is a Web 1, and loves scouts! Please let me know about any upcoming meetings or pack events so we can see if this would be a good fit for our family.


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