Registration Form for Family Camping


Here is the link for the registration form for the family camping trip. Please note, you will need to print this off and mail it in with your $25 per family fee. I would suggest getting it in the mail by Saturday to make the Sept. 28th early bird registration deadline.


Please remember to use the link in the post below to RSVP as well so we can get a count for dinner and breakfast for the group. There will be a small per person charge $5-$10 as well to cover food costs. We will communicate that as we get a little closer to the event.

Family Camping List

You asked and we answered. See below for a link to a shopping list on Amazon for the essentials for a safe and comfortable camping trip. All items here are those that we have or have had over the years. While there are certainly lower cost options, these are all great quality that will last YEARS if taken care of.

Take Me Shopping

While we are adding gear to your collection, I’ll share a personal favorite. While not 100% waterproof, I am in LOVE with these rolling tool chests from HomeDepot to pack my gear. We have 2 at home and they stay packed and ready to roll. Handy to keep camping supplies close as well for easy access during storms etc. They can usually be found in store.

Storage Chest

October Family Camping

Pack families,

We are planning to take the Pack on a campout the first weekend in October to Scoutland at Lake Lanier. More information to come, but a simple evite is below to gauge interest. This is on Scout property, but there is no dining hall. We will plan to eat together as a Pack for lunch and dinner Saturday and breakfast on Sunday.
The camping trip is open to all families. Please RSVP as soon as you can so we can register. The fee is $25 per family to camp and food costs (TBD).


Cubmaster Chris

All new Class B T-Shirts Now Available

Pack families… It’s been a while (5+ years) since we did a full scale update to our Class B Uniforms. We are excited to announce that we have 2 all new looks for the Pack available for purchase TODAY though September 20th. In the event you are unable to purchase at this time, we will have another sale in October.

For those of you new to scouting this year, the Class B is worn on trips, campouts and to any Pack functions where the Class A uniform may get dirty / damaged. While not required, we strongly encourage the boys have one.

We are happy to announce both a t-shirt and a hoodie at this time.
Youth and adult sizes are available.
More items will be available later in the year. We are planning hats, water bottles etc



We are working with for the order. They will collect sizes and payments to make this super simple all around. You just click the image above and you are off to the races.