Recall – Slides

To: Cub Scout Parents and Leaders:

Safety for our members is always top priority.

Please note there has been a product recall of Cub Scout neckerchief slides sold between February and August of 2018. The paint on the surface of the colored portion of some neckerchief slides may contain levels of lead above limits set by the federal government. The National Supply Division identified and isolated, the one-time production error which they believe caused this problem, and that error has been corrected.

The specific neckerchief slides impacted are the yellow Lion, red Wolf, green Bear, and blue WEBELOS slides with the following PO numbers listed on a tag attached to the back of the slide: PO#200233281, PO#200236630, PO#200228276 and PO#200231755. All other slides purchased before February 2018 or after August 2018 are safe.

We encourage you to return any products that may have been affected to the Scout Shop, even if you no longer have the receipt or tag with the PO number. Presently, the replacement slides are not in stock but are being rushed special delivery.

If you have any questions regarding this recall please contact the Scout Shop at 770-988-9912. On behalf of the Boy Scouts of America, we apologize for this inconvenience and as always, thank you for your support of Scouting.

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