2021 Cub Scout Day Camp

With State, Scouts BSA and Kennesaw UMC COVID guidelines, camp directors have a plan that will allow the most Cubs back into camp safely.  

Cubs will attend a ONE DAY camp per rank. Adult volunteers are needed on the day you have a cub at camp.

June 28 – Tigers (with adult chaperone/partner) & Wolves
June 29 – Bears
June 30 – Webelos
July 1 – Arrow of Light

Kennesaw United Methodist Church
Sneak-a-peek Drive Through – June 27 (details to come)
Adult volunteers are needed on days you have a Cub at camp
Youth volunteers are needed Sunday-Thursday as station leaders & Den Chiefs


Cub ranks will attend camp for 1 full day 
8:45-9:00AM Drop Off 
 9:00AM Camp Begins
3:30AM Dismissal Carpool. 

Monday, June 28 – Tigers (adult must attend) & Wolves (rising 1st & 2nd graders for 2021-2022 school year)
Tuesday, June 29 – Bears (rising 3rd graders for 2021-2022 school year)
Wednesday, June 30 – Webelos (rising 4th graders for 2021-2022 school year)
Thursday, July 1 – Arrow of Light (rising 5th graders for 2021-2022 school year)

To limit bodies on campus we will not be offering Pixie Hall this year. 

All activities will be outside.

Masks will be mandated.

Dens will be limited to 6-7 cubs, 1 youth volunteer & 1-2 adult volunteers (Youth Protection Training needed for adults). 

Health Forms for everyone on campus.

Anyone leaving campus early will be required to send in a note with time of pickup so that Cub will be at entrance safety station for checkout to limit additional people on campus. 

If you have any safety questions or concerns, email camp directors  HERE

** All details are subject to change due to updated guidelines as time moves forward**

Cubs will attend stations on their designated rank day. 

  • Everyone – 1 camp shirt
  • Everyone – packet of take home activities with instructions, that you can present to your den leader for completion in your Cub Book.
  • Everyone – 3 range stations (slingshot, archery, & precision BB shooting). Make sure that your health form indicates that your Cub CAN participate in these activities.
  • Everyone – Nature
  • Everyone – Wood Working
  • AOL, Web, Wolves & Tigers – STEM
  • Bears – Knives
  • Tigers & Wolves – organized sport

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