About Pack 540

Cub Scout Pack 540 is proud to be hosted by Due West United Methodist Church (DWUMC), next door to Due West Elementary School and across the street from the CVS on Due West Road. We meet in the Scout Hut next door to the church and have been in continuous operation in the Due West Community for over 50 years!

Our leadership is comprised of full-time moms (we like to think of them as family executives), business leaders from around Atlanta, entrepreneurs, educators and retired military and law enforcement personnel. We are well equipped to develop your child into great young adults and to equip them for their journeys ahead.

We are open to ALL boys and girls in Kindergarten through 5th grades and welcome the opportunity to share all that Cub Scouts has to offer with you!

Our scouts come from throughout the area, including students at Due West Elementary, Vaughn Elementary, Hayes Elementary, Ford Elementary, Still Elementary, Bullard Elementary, Dowell Elementary, The Walker School and home school students.  Bring your child and come visit a meeting, attend one of our events and get a feel for what we are all about!  We are friendly, flexible and fun!

One thought on “About Pack 540

  1. Andrea Mann says:

    Hello! I’d love to get my daughter involved with Scouts. She’s in 2nd grade at Due West. Can you please email your next meeting time and we’ll try and stop in:)

    Many thanks,
    Andrea Mann


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