August Pack Meeting and Other News

Whew. Day one down. Congrats Cobb County School Parents. You survived.

As I said in my last email, we truly hope everyone had a fantastic fun, safe summer.

It was a pleasure to see some familiar faces at the Due West Meet and Greet and I look forward to working with each of the new families Todd and I had the chance to meet. This is a SUPER LONG email. Apologies in advance.

With the kiddos back in school, we wanted to Do Our Best and get the scouting year kicked off right.

BLAST OFF – 2015!!

Saturday, August 15th at 9:30am – Water Rockets on the green space at the Church.

Just a reminder that our next Pack meeting will be held Saturday, August 15th at 9:30am. We’ll meet on the Due West UMC soccer fields to shoot off water rockets. All Scouts and siblings are all welcome to build their own rocket and participate. Please have the boys wear their Class B shirts. If they don’t have one, or have outgrown theirs, we will be taking orders for new shirts. These will be a nominal cost for returning scouts (being assessed now) and included in your dues for new scouts.

Please bring a friend that may be interested in scouting with you. We would like to use this as a recruiting event as well. Know a first grader in the ‘hood that would love to construct a water rocket? Help them out and bring them along!

Kelly has attached some links below to help you with your water rocket construction.

You can also Google water rockets for Scouts as there are many sites that provide construction tips. The water rockets can but are not required to have parachute systems. Also remember that the bottom 2-liter cannot be punctured in any way, or it will not hold pressure and fail on the launch pad. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Additionally, the United Methodist’s Men’s Group will be serving BBQ in the Family Life Center (gym), so people are welcome to purchase lunch the same day. I am unsure of the pricing etc, but I’m sure its nothing a few $20s wont handle.

Please note, dues for the 2015 – 2016 scouting year are $120 for new and returning scouts and a discounted rate of $85 for our Weblos II scouts. If you are able, please bring your dues with you to the Pack Meeting. Checks to Cub Scout Pack 540.

If you have a new scout registration form, please bring it. If you don’t I will have copies at the Pack Meeting on the 15th for you!

Coming soon:
Popcorn sales information
Class B uniform re-orders (pricing and a new design for 2015 coming soon)
Movie Night (always a hit)
Camping at the Rock Ranch (Likely late September, scheduling now)
Much much more!

As always, please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Chris Hannah – Cubmaster
Kelly Wells – Asst. Cubmaster
404-401-8830 cell – Chris

Scouting News / Updates / Help Requested

Scouting families of Pack 540,
We hope you are having an amazing summer break. It’s hard to believe Cobb Schools start up in the next few weeks. It feels like they just let out! (At least at the Hannah home).
I wanted to take a moment this morning to update you on a few Pack news items and offer you our plea for you help this coming Scouting season.

I wanted to let you know that we have developed a new website for the Pack. Our goal is to use this as a primary communication vehicle for you this year. We have posted a Google calendar here that will be updated with Pack / Den events and other items of interest. There are also pages for each Den and we will add to it as we go. Please take a moment to hit and add it to your favorites. Additionally, it is a WordPress site so you can subscribe and get updates sent to you as they are posted. Happy to write up a quick tutorial on that for you and post it. Hold tight.

Email Communication:
We have also established a new email address for the Pack. will be the primary email address used to communicate with the Pack families this year and will give you a single easy place to go in order to communicate back with us. Please please please add this address to your spam filters/ white lists/ address books ASAP to ensure you get our notes. Also, going forward we are planning to use MailChimp to manage our email communications as much as possible. Be on the lookout for a new template coming soon!

Parent Meeting:
I am looking for a good date for a parents meeting to kick off the year. This will likely be after the school year starts and will include some coordinated support for the kiddos so we can give you all some information and answer questions / handle business for the year. More to come on this soon.

How You Can Help the Pack Go:
WE NEED YOUR HELP. As you all know we are all volunteering to support the growth and development of your sons through Scouting. We need more parents, grandparents, family friends, old scouts, etc to assist us in the coming year. A few things that immediately come to mind… consider this our 2015 – 2016 job posting board!

Pack Committee Chairman – this role helps us at the Pack Committee level to coordinate with our Sponsor Organization (Due West Methodist) and to assist in the annual re-charter process the Pack must go through. Additionally we will be meeting as a Pack Committee on a quarterly basis to ensure alignment of Pack goals etc to the needs of our scouting families and most importantly our boys.

Pack Treasurer – exactly what it sounds like. We need someone that is highly organized and fiscally minded to assist us in the role of treasurer this year. This role also sits on the Pack Committee and helps us coordinate expenses, income and fundraising.

Den Leaders / Assistant Den Leaders – This is the hardest and most rewarding job in the Pack. From my experience with the Wolf Den last year, I can tell you it is fun, tiring, trying and most importantly IMPACTFUL to both you and the boys / young men you will lead. These roles truly make the Pack go. You will be responsible to manage your recurring Den meetings, and report into the Pack Committee (where you will also sit) to be the front line back to our Scouts and their needs. Please look at your schedules and do what you can to help out in this capacity. Tag teaming a Den leader position is preferred, so grab a buddy and step up! We are here to support you through the process!!

Other Important Information:
Gear Drive – we would like to hold a “Gear Drive” this year. The Pack has started a nice collection of camping essentials and would like to continue to build out our stock. Look for more information on this, and as you clean out the garage / basement / storage units keep the Pack in mind.
Coming Soon – Be on the lookout for a July Pack event and back to school kick off activities. We plan to incorporate more service projects into the program this year for the community etc. Popcorn sales are around the corner and are an important funding source for Pack activities for the year. I know how much we all love big fundraising events like this but please be ready to do what you can to gather some much needed and appreciated funding for the pack.
That’s a lot of information crammed into one place! Apologies for the long read. I will also post this on for you to refer back to.

My final plea (for this email) –
We really need you this year. Your sons really need you this year. Scouting really needs you this year. 
We have an amazing group of boys that need your leadership. I know you are out there and are looking at your busy schedules trying to figure out how you can fit in One More Thing… I know I did. I will leave you with this…
Giving away your time, energy and experiences to our youth is the strongest and most impactful thing you can do to influence the future. These boys are going to be our sons, future leaders, caretakers, husbands to your / other’s daughters (scary I know) and our future. Coaching and developing them into the men we all know they can be is of unmeasurable value to us all. Please do all you can to join with us in this endeavor. We are truly here to help you and make supporting Scouting as smooth as possible.
Please reach out via email or phone when you are ready to step up and answer the call! We are ready for you. The more the merrier!
Thank you all,
Looking forward to serving your sons this year.

Chris Hannah
Pack 540

Kelly Wells
Assistant Cubmaster
Pack 540

Welcome to the New Pack 540 Web Presence

The Pack 540 leadership would like to welcome you to our new web presence. In an effort to ensure effective pack wide communication and allow for a environment for dens to share their activities we have established this WordPress site. Updates to the site will come from the Pack Committee, Den Leadership and other parent leaders / volunteers. We would also like to invite some guest authoring of articles from the scouts themselves. We will also maintain our pack calendar and den calendars here for your convenience.

Thanks for your support of Scouting.

Please subscribe and check back often.

Chris Hannah – Cubmaster
Kelly Wells – Assistant Cubmaster
The Pack 540 Committee Membership