Den 10 – Young Girls

Den 10 – Young Girls

Den 10 comprises Kindergarten (Lion) through third grade (Bear) girls throughout West Cobb, including area elementary schools and homeschoolers.  Grab a buddy and come to check us out! Grrrrr!

Meetings: Den 10 meets every other Wednesdays at 6:30 pm at the Scout Hut located across from the Daily Grind on Due West Road in Marietta next to Due West United Methodist Church (DWUMC). Please see our Pack Calendar for more information. 

Den Leader: Our girls den is in need of a leader! We are also assisted by our AWESOME moms and dads.

Parent Involvement: Scouts will have a much better scouting experience if parents (dads and/or moms) get involved!  What does that mean?  Help out at den meetings with our activities and go on our camping trips and other outings.

Interested in helping us lead? Contact Kevin at