Lion_transparentThe Lion Den welcomes all Kindergarten boys and girls across West Cobb, who is at least 5 years old, to start earning the Pack 540 Lion rank. The Cub Scout will earn the Lion Rank once it has completed all Lion Rank Requirements.  The Lion Rank of the cub scouts is intended to take one school year, preparing the scout to begin earning the Tiger rank after completing Kindergarten.  Grab a buddy and come check us out! Grrrrr!

Lions Den Leader: Sean Oshinski

Meetings: Please see our Pack Calendar for more information.


  • To strengthen Scouting’s position in the community
  • To reflect the diversity of our communities
  • To offer greater support for children and their families
  • To introduce children and their families to the fun of the outdoors
  • To provide extended learning opportunities outside of school

Registration: Online registration is available for all new scouts. Follow this link to register your son or daughter with Pack 540.

Uniform: The scout will wear the Lion T-Shirt and Hat.  A belt is recommended to hold the Adventure Loops.

Parent Involvement: Scouts will have a much better scouting experience if parents (dads and/or moms) get involved!  What does that mean?  Help out at den meetings with our activity and go on our camping trips and other outings.