1. What is the cost for a new scout sign up?

There is a pro-rated Boy Scouts of America (BSA) registration fee until the end of the calendar year. The fee includes a monthly subscription to Boys Life magazine.  This is due at time of registration with the BSA.

The pack dues are $132 for the school year for the first scout and $100 for each additional scout sibling. These dues cover handbooks, awards, neckerchiefs, etc. for the current school year and the BSA registration fee for the next calendar year.

2. Can I pay later?

The Boy Scouts of America registration fees are due at the time the application is turned in. Pack dues are typically collected no later than the September pack meeting.

3. When are pack dues due?

Pack dues are collected by the September Pack Meeting. These dues pay for the current school year and the Boy Scouts of America registration for the next calendar year.

4. What do the fees and dues include?

The pro-rated fees to the BSA cover registration and Boys Life magazine through the end of the current calendar year.  The pack dues include handbooks, awards, neckerchiefs, etc., and cover the BSA registration fee for the next calendar year.  At times, the pack will ask for extra money to cover activities – Blue & Gold Banquet (if it is catered), Family Campouts, etc. Our primary source of revenue is fundraising.  The more we raise at the beginning of the scouting year the less money we’ll ask for later!

5. When do meetings start?

Den meetings will start after you are assigned to a den and two parents volunteer to be the den leader and assistant den leader. For dens that require a new leader, den meetings will start after the leader & parents decide on a meeting time.

Pack meetings are held montly on the first Sunday of the month at 3pm and start in August.

6. Can I change packs (my son’s friends are in another pack or another pack’s activities fit my schedule better)?

You will have to fill out another application and pay a $1 transfer fee. The $1 fee is covered by Pack 540 if a boy is transferring in from another pack.

7. Besides dues, where does the money for Cub Scouting come from?

Money for Cub Scouting comes from only two sources, the dues we charge per scout and fundraising. Boy Scouts of America does not provide funding for the pack. All leaders are parent volunteers!  The more each boy raises the more is available for fun activities! Our pack Treasurer (another parent volunteer) maintains a budget for the pack which includes how money is allocated from the dues and fundraiser. If you would like to see a detailed copy of this budget, we will be happy to provide it to you. Please contact our Pack Treasurer for details.