Bear_transparentThe Bear Den welcomes all third grade boys and girls across West Cobb who have completed the second grade (or is 8 years old) to start earning the Pack 540 Wolf rank. The Cub Scout will earn the Bear rank once it has completed all Bear Rank Requirements.  The Bear Rank of the cub scouts is intended to take one school year, preparing the scout to begin earning the Webelos rank after completing third grade.  Grab a buddy and come check us out! Grrrrr!

Bear Den Leader: Jesse Mitchell

Assistant Den Leader: Carole Ellis

Registration:  Online registration is available for all new scouts. Follow this link to register your son or daughter with Pack 540.

Uniform: The scout will wear the blue Cub Scout Uniform which consists of Shirt, Bear Hat, Bear Neckerchief, Neckerchief Slide, Belt, Pants/Shorts.

Meetings:  Please see our Pack Calendar for more information.

We know that your child often also participate in one or more sports or other activities and conflicts happen. We get it. It’s okay! Scouts can work on many achievements at home so they can still work through the program.

Parent Involvement: Scouts will have a much better scouting experience if parents (dads and/or moms) get involved!  What does that mean?  Help out at den meetings with our activity and go on our camping trips and other outings.  We have some great stuff planned for this year, so take advantage of it!

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