Spooky Ree Updates

Looking forward to a great weekend.

A few things to note.

Pack 540 has been assigned to Grant. You will park in the Orange Parking Lot. I will send this to anyone that is coming from the pack and need you to print it.  You should have it ready when you arrive at the vehicle check-in.

All roads in camp will be closed from 7am-5:30pm on Saturday.  Any families that arrive on Saturday must park in the RED lot.  They may either hike gear in to the camp, or drive in a vehicle at 5:30pm to their campsite to unload and then to your designated lot.

Please do not drive on the grass when unloading.

We will be sharing Grant with the following units:

Pack 37 – 47 people

Pack 540 – 37 people

Pack 2206 – 36 people

This weekend will be VERY busy at Bert Adams. 2,200 people are registered to attend for the weekend. That’s their cap. Please be patient this weekend and expect to have to possibly wait for certain attractions.

The weather may impact this however. Weather.com is showing an 80% chance of rain Saturday at this point in the week. Add to that some colder temps and we are in for some fun. Please note. The weekend will not be cancelled due to rain so please plan accordingly. Ponchos, rain wear, extra shoes and socks etc, and cover to keep you warm at night. High forties are expected overnight and early mornings.

IMPORTANT: we need you each to bring with you a filled out health form. Only part A and B are required and they can be found HERE. Note, we need one for everyone in your party including adults and siblings. These will be turned in at the campsite as soon as you arrive in the bin under the pack flag labeled Health Forms.

I am planning to be there around 7 on Friday night. Earlier if I can swing it.

When you arrive, you do not need to check in. I will handle this when I arrive.

IMPORTANT: I do need each of you to email me the names of everyone in your group that is attending with their age and the email address and mobile phone # for adults. Please email to cubmaster@pack540.net with Spooky Ree Roster as the subject line. I need this ASAP. As soon as I have this from you I will email you the parking pass. This is your ticket to get in this weekend. Please please don’t miss this one.

Here is the link to the event schedule and the map of the camp. Orange parking is indicated here for reference.

Parking passes for the weekend are below


I will post another update tomorrow. Thanks

Chris Hannah

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