Pack Event: MLK Center Visit

The Pack is going to the Martin Luther King, Jr National Historic Site!!

This trip will bring us closer to our local history, which also became national and international history.  This National Park visit will introduce our Scouts to what it means to be a Leader, a key quality of any Scout.  (This event will be made age appropriate for all our Cubs.)

What You Need to Know

When: Saturday, February 18th at 10:30am

Entrance Fee: FREE

Where to Meet: In the Lobby of the Visitor’s Center

Where To Park: The parking Lot is located at GPS 33°45’32.43″N, 84°22’24.00″W (for more info: ) Then follow signs to Visitor’s Center.

What to Wear: Class A or Class B uniform

What to Bring: Weather Appropriate Clothing, Walking Shoes, Water, Snacks

Signup: signup by Feb 15th.

Learn More: The Park ; A Map of Park Locations and Parking

Activities Include:

1) A conversation about who Martin Luther King, Jr. was, why he was important, and what made him a leader.

2) Everyone will receive a Jr. Ranger booklet to fill out.

3) Everyone who completes their booklet will be sworn in as a Jr. Ranger and receive a badge.

4) Museum access to learn about what happened. This will be Parent led.

5) A walk to the House where Martin Luther King, Jr. lived as a child. (You will be able to enter the house, but if you wish to have a tour of the house, please sign up at the visitor’s center upon arrival.)

6) A walk to the exterior of Ebeneezer Baptist Church, where Martin Luther King, Jr. attended and spoke. (The church is closed to the public on weekends, so it may take care of church-related activities.)

Sign-Up By February 15th

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