September 2020 Pack Events

Welcome back, Pack 540! Dates for our September 2020 Pack Meetings are drawing nearer! Check below for two event dates, one virtual, and one OPTIONAL in-person event. If you have not sent your Senior Outreach letter, please visit this post for directions to submit and show your support by the end of the month. If you have not paid your dues, please visit this page and pay them for the year. Thanks!

Water Rocket Build Tutorial – Sunday, Sept 6TH, 3PM

On Sunday, September 6th, we will have a water bottle rocket building tutorial! The best rockets are built from a 2-liter soda, lemonade, or fruit punch bottle. Remove the cap, and grab some cardboard, poster board, duct tape, and markers. We’ll learn tips for creating a bottle rocket that’s sure to soar!  ZOOM LINK:

Water Rocket Shoot – Sunday, Sept 20th, 2pm & 3pm

On Sunday at 2pm, we will have an achievement drive-thru for those not wanting to participate in the in-person rocket shoot. We will be stationed in the DWUMC parking lot; drive through to pick up your achievements from the last year!

OPTIONAL: At 3pm, following the drive-thru, we will be shooting water bottle rockets in a socially distanced manner. Each family will have an isolated parking spot in the lot (please bring a tailgate chair or a picnic blanket, your own snacks, water, bug spray, and a FACE MASK – they will be mandatory) and be offered a chance to shoot their rocket in the field.

2019 Kickoff Water Bottle Rocket Shoot

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