August Summer Pack Events

Two dates for our August Pack Meetings are drawing nearer! As back-to-school preparations are ramping up, we want to remind you of a few service projects we are beginning. Please see below for these fun, yet helpful dates. Remember, we promise “to help other people at all times!”

SATURDAY, August 8th, 9am: Due West Elementary Service Day

Grab your gardening gloves and a rake! We’re headed back to Due West Elementary for a service day to help them prune back the monster weeds! Due West is thrilled at our offering of a bit of yard work and has detailed what they would love help with.

It’s very important to dress properly for yard work, wear a hat and sunscreen, bring gloves and of course, a mask. We will also practice social distancing, just like at the lake. Please bring the following personal gear and if you have them, yard tools.

Personal Gear: Gloves, water, sunscreen, hat, mask, hand sanitizer, snack.
Yard Tools:  Rakes, hoes, pitchfork, scrub brushes, buckets, hedge clippers, String trimmer, blower, pruning saws, yard clipping bags.

Rock Garden

* Pull out rocks, Clear weeds and replace rocks
* Cutback bush
* Cutback Redbud

Seating Area

* Clean and scrub with bleach/water
* Rinse
* Trim small sprouts on Crepe Myrtles


* Clear weeds from 5-7 garden boxes
* Trim area and clear long grass

Outdoor Learning Area

* Trim area
* Cutback shrubs
* Rake and clear long grass

August: Senior Pen Pal Reach Out

Pack members will draw/paint/write letters in order to reach out to senior citizens during the pandemic. This will be an individual project done from home and we will compile photos of our Scouts in action. It might be nice to include a personal signature to a resident you know or a reach out to a new pen pal!

  • Please create something to send: Young scouts may want to make a photo or collage. Older Scouts may be able to write a letter or a short story.
  • Take a photo of your Scout holding the item/letter in their Class A or Class B uniform.
  • Email this photo to Lindsey at to show you have participated.
  • Mail the item or letter to a senior center of your choice or one of the provided addresses below by 8/23/2020.

Winnwood Retirement Marietta
100 Whitlock Ave NW, Marietta, GA 30064

Sterling Estates of West Cobb
3165 Dallas Hwy, Marietta, GA 30064

Country Acres Personal Care Home
Pen Pals Available Here
2017 Meadville Road

The Wyndmoor of Evansville
Pen Pals Available Here
6521 Greendale Dr.
Evansville, IN 47711

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