The SCAVR Scout Pursuit

Introducing the SCAVR Scout Pursuit!

Our new SCAVR (Scavenger) Scout Pursuit will help our Pack get out and explore the world! Zooming is tough, so let’s stretch our legs with a little friendly competition! Log onto the app and complete the scavenger hunt tasks by submitting photos, videos, etc (wearing your new Pack gaiter, shirt or sweatshirt) to prove that you’ve completed an activity!

Follow the link below and follow the instructions. Everyone will need to Download the SCAVR App to participate. The game will become active on November 1st at 12:05am, with NEW CHALLENGES each month.

Scout Pursuit Directions

Welcome to Scout Pursuit!!
Your quest, if you choose to accept it, is to use your skills, your knowledge, and your creativity to overcome Scouting Challenges. These Challenges will be fun and some will even require family involvement. Warning: Laughter could be a side effect.


1) Sign-up with your name/parent name and your made-up team name. Make sure to use your Den’s rank as part of your Team Name. Example: Laughing Lion, Wobbly Webelo, Blue Moon Wolf, etc. Do not include your actual name (Brian, Beau, Mark) as part of your team name.
2) Download the SCAVR App
3) Parental participation is encouraged.
4) Complete your task and take a picture or video and post it next to the completed adventure.
5) IMPORTANT: *****You must wear your Pack 540 Gaiter, T-Shirt, or Sweatshirt during each quest and it must be visible in the quest’s picture or video to receive credit.*****
6) On the 1st of each month, new quests will be added. You can complete old quests at any time. There will be a prize at the end of the school year for those completing the most tasks, as well as monthly awards!
7) Photos and Videos will be shared during Monthly Pack Zoom Meetings. If you would prefer not to have yours shared, please contact us.
8) Most Importantly: HAVE FUN!!

Each Challenge will give you points. Your goal, by the end of each month, is to accumulate the most points within your Den. If you succeed, you will receive a prize. Show them what you’ve got! Bring it on!!
Start Your Quest (

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