Crossover 2023

Welcome to the end of the school year! That means it’s time to celebrate all your achievements with a crossover ceremony. Come to the large activity field area Sunday, May 21st, at 3pm and cross over the bridge to your next ranking. 

Please dress for the weather (Class A Uniforms), bring a chair, and perhaps some bug spray and a water bottle. Parents and guardians will also want a camera ready to snap a photo as their scout crosses over and receives their achievements and new gear!

Parents, help us keep the ceremony special! You will remove your scout’s current neckerchief before they line up for the bridge and when they come down the other side, you will dress them in their new ranking neckerchief!


Summertime Pack Award Activities are now on the Pack Calendar. In order to receive this award, you will need to attend 1 pack activity in June, 1 in July, and 1 in August. 

  • Pack 540 Bingo – creating a row of 5 for BINGO can count towards any month. Please return a completed card to your den leader for credit.
  • June 24 at 10am – Bike Rodeo @ DWUMC
  • July (22 or 29, TBD) at 9am – Service Day for Due West Elementary School
  • August 6 at 3pm – Recycled Raingutter Regatta @ DWUMC

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