6 Cub Scout Essentials for a Hike

The Six Cub Scout Essentials

Ready for that Hike or Campout with your Pack? Don’t forget these six must-haves for Cub Scouts. Help your scout learn to pack these six essential items with a checklist, or simply keep your bag stocked with everything except a snack and fill ‘er up when you’re ready to go. We’ll see ya’ on the trail!

6 Cub Scout Essentials for a Hike

1. Water

This Camelbak Kids Mini Mule Hydration Backpack https://amzn.to/2qZL88Z  is such a wonderful item! Not only will it hold all the water you need for a hike (and keep a spare jug in your transportation) but it can also hold the other 5 essentials needed for your hike.  There are several colors of this bag all on Amazon Prime, but you can also find the bag at Academy Sports, etc. Invest in this hands-free hiking gear that allows your scout to continue to explore!

2. Sunscreen

SPF is an important item to pack! Even on a cloudy day, the sun can still do a number on your skin. Be sure to pack an SPF that is suitable for your activities; hiking, swimming, surfing, etc. Reapply as directed, and combine with other sun protection like a Boonie Hat and staying in the shade.

3. Trail Snacks

Cub Scouts are Loyal, Trustworthy, Kind, Clean….. and HUNGRY! Our Cubs are always looking for a snack. Pack something shelf-stable and full of nutrition and energy. Organic Clif Bars, Apples, Raisins, popcorn and more make lightweight yet filling snacks.

4. First Aid

When purchasing and packing a first aid kit, it’s important to know how to use it, too! Choose an affordable first-aid kit that stocks everything you will need for possible scenarios, including insect stings, cuts, and bruises, or re-dressing an injury. Compact kits that fold up are great for camping and hiking.

5. Flashlight

Any working flashlight will do, but sometimes space is at a premium! The Motorola Compass/Emergency Light combines a compass, working light, emergency flasher and more into a clip-able item. Whichever flashlight you choose to pack, make sure you have spare batteries or a fresh recharge.

6. Emergency Whistle

Each scout should have a whistle! The Camelbak bag above has one integrated into the chest strap, but unless you’re always wearing it (like on a short hike), you may want to pick up a bright orange whistle for constant wear (camping, overnights etc.)

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