Water Bottle Rocket Event 2019

  • When: Sunday AUGUST 25th,  1pm-3pm
  • Where: DWUMC Activity Field
  • Uniform: Class B T-Shirts or Camp Shirts
Let’s shoot for the sky! We’re ready for our annual Water Bottle Rocket launch! Bring a completed water rocket (made from a 2-liter bottle) to the event and test how high and how straight they will fly. 

If Scouts are new to building water rockets please review the link below for a quick how-to-build a basic water rocket.  https://www.wikihow.com/Build-a-Bottle-Rocket . Please keep the bottom or bottle opening free and clear so it will fit on our launcher.  A standard size 2-liter soda or lemonade bottle will work perfectly.

Please plan to bring an extra, clean 2-liter bottle as well to donate for our onsite rocket workshop that can be used for building rockets if you don’t build one at home.  Sibling and parent rockets are also welcome to join the fun!

The Pack will provide a hot dog and hamburger lunch following the rocket launch at the pavilion.  We look forward to some high flying fun for the whole family.  Please reach out to your den leaders for any questions that come up.

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