2019 Crossover + Summer Events

Ready? Aim? CROSSOVER!

Our Pack Crossover Event is scheduled for Sunday, May 19th at 3pm. Join us under the canopy of trees right outside the Scout Hut as our Cub Scouts rise to their next rank and receive loops, badges, and awards as we complete this year of scouting.

You may want to wear bug spray and sunscreen since we will be outdoors for the duration of the event. Cubs will gather with their dens, and one at a time, cross the Pioneer Rope Bridge to receive their new rankings. Have your cameras and phones ready to capture their adventure!


In an effort to achieve the SummerTime Pack Award, we will offer scouts the opportunity to participate in summer events. More information will be added to this post (times, locations, etc.)

To earn this patch, a scout must attend ONE JUNE,  ONE JULY, and ONE AUGUST event.  Mark your calendars to help your scout earn this patch with three outings! **If and when you attend these events, please let us know. We will take attendance!

  • June
    • Scout Day at Braves – June 1st
    • Cub Scout Day Camp – June 3rd – 7th (See Lindsey Paris or this blog post)
    • Super Soaker Day – June 23rd
  • July
    • Fishing at Sun Valley Beach – July 14th
    • Lifesize Angry Birds – July 28th

  • August
    • First Pack Meeting – August 4th We expect a really fun first Pack Meeting, so be sure you can attend… Earned Summer loops will be given out!

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