Nature Art Adventure at Smith-Gilbert Gardens

The Pack is going to Smith-Gilbert Gardens on Saturday, October 23rd, 2021 from 10:00am – 11:30am. 

We will explore and discover as we follow trails that will take us past Koi Ponds, Bonsai Trees, Interactional Art, a Children’s Garden, trees from around the World and indigenous to our state, a Gnome or two, and the beautiful colors of Autumn. 

Registrations are now closed.

The Gardens’ Staff has put together an Adventure, especially for our Pack. First, we will find out what makes up art. Then we will go on an Art Scavenger Hunt around the gardens and as we search we will look at the Nature surrounding us. We will also collect special pieces of the Natural World, which we will use to start a Nature Journal. Finally, each of us will take some time during our Hunt to draw one item from Nature that is important and/or beautiful to us.

Details & Registration

  • Date:          
    • Saturday, October 23rd, 10:00am – 11:30am. Please Park in lot below Entrance and Walk Up to Main Building (White House) in Gardens. Gather in the area to the right of the building’s front door (it is a play space). See you there!!
  • Address:      
    • Smith-Gilbert Gardens, 2382 Pine Mountain Road Kennesaw, Ga 30152
  • Admission includes All Day Access for Everyone, and Art Supplies and Patch for Scouts & Siblings
    • Cub Scouts: $6/each
    • Adults:     $10/each
    • Siblings:   $6/each (Art & Patch) Choice 1
    • Siblings:   $5/each (No art/patch) Choice 2

This event can be used to help work toward earning a Den Adventure. Please, talk with your Den Leader.

  • Lions:    Mountain Lion Adventure, Part 3
  • Tigers:   Tigers In The Wild Adventure, Parts 4 & 6
  • Wolves:  Grow Something Adventure, Part 3
  • Bears:    Fur, Feathers, & Ferns Adventure, Part 2
  • Webelos & AOLS:  Art Explosion Adventure, Parts 1 & 3a; Into The Wild Adventure, Part 9

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