January 8 (Sunday): Cut Day (Pavilion):
Click here to sign up for a cut day slot.
January 21 (Saturday): Weigh-In (Scout Hut)
January 22 (Sunday): Race Day (Family Life Center)

And we have a theme… “FAST” FOOD! We can’t wait to see what food, restaurant, sweet, or drink-themed race car you can create! Will it be a carrot-mobile? A fast french fry? Maybe a Cheeto truck! Of course, you don’t have to stick to the theme. Be true to yourself! Cars were distributed at the December 4th meeting. If you did not attend, please see your den leader for your car.

FLIPGRID Submission: https://flip.com/5384964b Be sure to take a short clip of yourself sharing your car, it’s name, and perhaps how you make it or themed it! Due by 10am on Saturday. These will be shown during the race!

Our Pack 540 Cub Scouts will work together with a parent or guardian (you!) to build confidence – and their own custom race car! Please begin with an official Pinewood Derby Race Car kit, then create a carved design from the woodblock provided in the kit.

You can then detail it with paint, decals, and accessories, and perfect your strategies to compete in our annual Pinewood Derby Race. It’s s a learning experience centered on teamwork, ingenuity, and sportsmanship.
– Click HERE to find design ideas and build videos
– Click HERE to see optional templates


  1. The pack will have a few saws to help cut out your car.
  2. Please draw on your pinewood block with a template, so our leaders can properly cut it for you. You will be given a clip of sandpaper to take home and buff out your car. *see PWD Rules at the bottom of this page.
  3. Make sure your car has bottom clearance for the track… read the dimensions rules below.
Credit: abc-pinewood-derby.com/


Your car will be weighed in on the official Pack scales. Your car should weigh as near to 5.0 ounces WITHOUT going over. It should also follow the Pinewood rules below for specifications and measurements.

We will be selling $1 “shout outs” to read out during the race! We will be accepting cash or card through Square.

If you need repairs, extra weight, etc. You will need to take your car home and work on it. Try to weigh your car before the weigh-in. You will be asked for your car’s race name and be given a race number. Then your car will be safely impounded overnight; you’ll see it the next day at the race.

Credit: BoysLife.com


The race will start on time, and you will have the opportunity to buy snacks, drinks, listen to jokes, cheer and see who builds the fastest car in our pack!

Please keep in mind that family involvement is still what makes our Pack great! We are in need of some volunteers for other aspects of the race day. If you would like to assist in any way, please email Lindsey at parisianelle@gmail.com. We may be in need of concession stand help, cleanup, as well as a pit crew assist.


1. All cars must begin with a BLOCK of wood from a Pinewood Derby Kit.  Pre-cut derby cars will not be allowed to enter any races. 
2. All cars should not be higher than 3 inches from the tabletop.
3. Clearance between wheels on the same axle must be at least 1 3/4 inches.
4. The overall width of the car shall not be more than 2 ¾ inches.
5. ***The car should have at least 3/8-inch clearance underneath (from tabletop to bottom of car)***
6. The length of the car shall not be more than 7 inches.
7. The completed car shall not be more than 5.0 ounces (141.8 grams) as weighed by the official designated Pack Scale.
8. The design of the car must allow for it to be held by the starting gate, and no part of the car can extend beyond the inside edge of the starting gate release rods.
9. The car shall not ride on any type of spring.
10. The distance between the front and rear axles must be the same as comes in the original kit slots. Approximately 4-3/8 inches or 11 CM.
11. The 4 axles furnished with the kit and any official BSA wheels (any color) must be used.
12. Wheel bearings, washers, and bushings are not allowed.
13. Wheels may be lightly sanded to remove any burs or imperfections.   Wheels cannot be reshaped or altered.
14. The car must be freewheeling with no starting devices.
15. No oil, grease, or silicone spray may be used on the axles or wheels.  Only powdered or liquid-to-dry graphite is allowed.
16. Painting and detailing are allowed, so long as they are within all rules and acceptable in the spirit of scouting (there will be a Scout’s Choice design contest).
17. The car will be impounded at the weigh-in and cannot be altered in any way until the completion of the race.

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