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2020 CYBER Cub Scout Day Camp: July 13-17

As you may know, the traditional 2020 Day Camp was canceled as a result of the pandemic. The Atlanta BSA has finally released plans for the 2020 CYBER Camp themed to Jurassic Park that will take place July 13-17, 2020, over five full days during typical camp hours (9am – 3pm). Done from your home, the signup options range from free online activities to $65 for a full box of goodies and crafts. You and your scout(s) will be able to have a full camp experience at home! If you registered and paid for the June Day Camp, paper check refunds are being sent out starting this week.


2020 cyber camp logo

Signup Options

There are THREE options this year for your campers! Choose whichever one you want. If you need a shirt for an adult, you will find that add on in the options, as well. JULY 1 WILL BE THE SIGNUP DEADLINE FOR CYBER CAMP.

  • FREE Online and onDemand Activities
  • $15: Shirt, Patch, and Online and onDemand Activities
  • $65 Box, Shirt, Patch, and Online and onDemand Activities

You can register your rising Tigers to Arrows of Light at https://www.atlantabsa.org/daycamp. The Atlanta Area Council day camp directors have joined forces to create 1 week of virtual activities to engage cubs and their families this summer. BOX AND SHIRT PICKUP time and location have not yet been announced. Shipping is extra for all options, but currently difficult to add to checkout. More updates will be available.

What’s in the Box?

If you choose the $65 box, you will have additional craft activities like a beeswax candle, windchime, and fossils. Supplies to make everything will be contained within. Den specific activities will be covered throughout the camp. This video below, cued up to start at the Summer Camp Options, shows our camp director discussing more details about what to expect.

Camp Shirt and Patch

Here are visuals for the camp shirt as well as the patch you will receive with purchase. Sizes can be chosen in the Tentaroo registration for both kids and adults.

2020 cyber camp shirt and patch

Stay tuned to the 2020 Camp page on Facebook for more updates and further information. Thank you!

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